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A center part paired with sleek and slick is the way to go this season, plus tuck hair behind the ears.

While voluminous blowouts and effortless waves are still a trend of the present, we’re seeing an uptick in a 90s favorite – a straight a sleek blowout with a tuck – inspired by one of our favorite it-girls. Whether she knew it then or not, Jennifer Anniston’s iconic Friends haircuts paved the way for decades of styles. The trick to one of her favorite looks was tucking hair behind ears after a fresh blowout – a trick that seems to stick.

One of our favorite ways we’re seeing it-girls and Instagram gals wear their hair this season is by tucking their straight, sleek strands behind their ears – and even pairing it with an accessory or two.

This season, Olivia Wilde made a huge style transformation by chopping off her lengthy locks. To elevate her style, she rocked a side-slicked look during fashion week.  Have long locks? Miranda Kerr also rocked this slick style for a perfect way to upgrade a daytime look.


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To get the look:

  • Start off with clean locks.
  • Apply cream from the mid-lengths to the ends and blow dry the part into your look. Focus on keeping a low profile to form the sleek style.
  • If needed, use a straightening iron to get the ends really sleek and touch up the face-frame to ensure your style stays.
  • Once dry, spritz Hold & Gloss spray along the part and down the sides as you comb and tuck hair behind the ears.

*Pro Tip – if you want a glossier look add extra spray, or swap it for Hairspray if you want a cleaner feel for daytime.


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