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Think a smoothing treatment is only for those looking to straighten out their locks? Think again! Smoothing treatments can actually be an effective way to breathe new life back into your curly hair, minus the frizz. Read on to find out the top three reasons why curly girls everywhere should flock to salons for a smoothing service.

1 – Say goodbye to frizz (and damage)!

Even if you’ve mastered the perfect hair cocktail to manage your curly tresses, sometimes frizz is just out of your control. The Cezanne Smoothing Treatment uses all-natural ingredients to heal hair from the inside-out, making it less vulnerable to environmental factors, and in turn, easier to style, whether you opt to air-dry or pull your strands into a playful braid. 

2 – Say hello to shine.

Both the Cezanne Classic and Express smoothing treatments are designed to restore much-needed moisture back into your locks. Since textured hair has a harder time distributing natural oils to the ends, curly or wavy strands can look brittle and dry. A smoothing treatment is an easy way to achieve gorgeous shiny curls with minimal time or effort.

3 – Curls will on full display.

Since the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment is formaldehyde-free, you don’t have to worry about it straightening out your hair. Rather, the service uses natural ingredients to make your curls look healthier, bouncier and more defined. And because damage and frizz is no longer an issue, you’ll be able to air-dry your curls without having to use a ton of product.

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