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What client wouldn’t want any of Kim K’s ever-changing hairstyles? Unfortunately, unless that client has A-list stylist Chris Appleton on speed-dial, going from mermaid-length locks to a fiery mahogany lob seemingly overnight just isn’t realistic. What most clients don’t understand is that endless hours, insane effort and tons of energy go into every A-list hairstyle spotted on Instagram—and not every look can be easily recreated in real life. Here, five salon facts stylists are dying to tell their clients.

Fact #1: There are no guarantees

Stylists are trained professionals, not miracle workers! And while your stylist will most likely attempt to do everything in his or her power to give you the look you want, no one can force the hair to act a certain way. For example, if you have raven-colored locks that don’t lift well, then you can’t be upset when your colorist warns you about the dangers of attempting to go golden blonde. Just because you show your stylist a photo of a style you like, there are many other factors (i.e. hair health, texture, etc.) that come into play.


Fact #2: Good hair is worth the wait

Anything worth having takes time—and that’s OK. Pressuring your stylist into rushing your color will not only compromise the overall quality of his or her work, but it will also damage your strands. Hairstyling is artistry; you have to let stylists take their time in order to allow them to achieve top-tier results. Anyone who promises dramatic results in a mere couple of hours doesn’t have your best interest (read: your hair) at heart.


Fact #3: Not all things on social media are true

Yes, social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook can offer tons of hair inspo, but you must take all looks with a grain of salt. Case in point: You may be desperate to try the seemingly “magical” hair mask you saw on Facebook that makes hair grow 5 inches in a few months, but, unfortunately, most things you see on social media are just a result of effective marketing. The bottom line? Enjoy all of the hair-related content you find on your social media, but don’t come into the salon expecting the exact results simply because you “saw it on your feed.”


Fact #4: Filters are deceiving

Similarly, filters play a major role in providing clients with unrealistic expectations. Sure, it’s always a good thing to show your colorist a few photos of what you want, but don’t forget to pay attention to possible filters that may alter the color. For example, many photo editing apps allow users to increase or decrease the lightness, darkness, and saturation of specific hues (i.e. browns, yellows, reds, etc.). While photo editing may look better on the ‘Gram, the final result may not actually be achievable, leaving the client disappointed with their locks.


Fact #5: Your hair health matters

No matter what type of look you’re trying to achieve, your hair’s current condition (whether it’s thick and strong or damaged and thinning) is your starting point, which will ultimately determine your end result. If your hair is extremely damaged, you may need to think twice when trying to create a major hair transformation. Instead, trust your stylist’s advice and take baby steps in attempting to achieve your desired style—trust us, your hair and your stylist will thank you!

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