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While the constant algorithm changes can be dizzying, Instagram and Facebook continue to be powerful marketing engines for salons and stylists. As a visual representation of your work, posts can be combined with powerful captions to draw in clients and brand awareness. As we kick off a new year it is time to revamp our practices for a year of fresh influence! Keep reading for the latest and greatest social media tips for 2020!

Know your target audience

When taking pictures, writing captions, or choosing hashtags, start by thinking about who you’re speaking to. By creating captions that draw in exactly who you are targeting you’ll create a more captive, engaged audience. 

Brush up on photography basics

In the age of the iPhone, everyone can be a great photographer. Apart from the equipment, keep in mind these other key factors.

  • Be aware of your background. Clean, bright backgrounds free of clutter are best for creating a captivating image. You want your audience to immediately see the hair - not the bottles in the background or the wallpaper. 
  • Create visual consistency. Each one of your clients has their own personal style, so instead of competing with this, make the conscious decision to photograph them in a clean black robe instead. This will help create consistency within your feed and highlight your work.
  • Think about lighting. Lighting plays a huge role in the appearance of your hair color work. Switching from indirect to direct sunlight, photographing outdoors versus indoors and under incandescent or LED lighting can create a huge difference in the finished appearance. Aim to pick a spot with similar lighting each time you photograph clients and avoid using excessive filters to ensure the photo shown on your feed accurately resembles the color you created.

Stay organized

Staying organized is the easiest way to create consistency. And consistent posting is key to getting noticed by your followers. With Apps like Later, Planoly, or Buffer, you can easily plan out your posts and create feeds in a visual format.

Switch to a business profile

Apart from creating a separate “personal” and “business” Instagram or Facebook page, you should also switch your Instagram profile to a business profile. This way you can dive into the analytics of your page and learn more about when to post and what content performs best. 

Be yourself!

Many times on social media we feel the need to conform to the pages we aspire to be - instead, be yourself. While inspiration is key, be sure to make it your own. Create your own style and stick to it, consistency is crucial! 

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