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Posting your styles to social media is a great way to market your services. As an online portfolio of your work, it gives your returning clients a great reference tool, attracts and inspires new clients and is a great way to interact with your community. When it comes to stepping up your social media game it is important to note that it is about more than just adjusting your posting schedule. Keep reading to learn more about best practices for posting and how you can engage your audience.


Everyone Loves A Little Attention

We all know clients love the feeling they get when they leave the salon with a freshly finished style. The great part about social media is that they get to relive that when they see their style again when you post it! Posting your clients on social media is a great way to thank them for coming, serves as a reminder to book appointments, and also creates a bond between you two.


Before Your Snap

Whether your clients are on social media or not, when taking pictures, be sure to let them know that you will be posting them online. While most won’t mind, there is a certain level of privacy that always needs to be protected.


Before You Publish

There is also a level of credit due. When posting, be sure to properly tag! Positive captions and comments are a must and including your clients in those are key. Alongside tagging your clients, use hard tagging to tag products, tools, and media outlets so they can discover your work as well.


It’s All In The Lighting

Looks can be deceiving, especially on Instagram. More often than not, changing up the direction your client is facing, going outside or investing in a simple ring light, or camera can make all the difference. To improve your style, pay attention to the direction of the light to ensure you’re not backlighting your look.

*The reason why it’s so important to get the light right is for future appointments. When taking before an after’s and promoting your color skills, it is imperative to capture color as close to the real outcome as possible. Making your client's hair look more blonde or more dimensional on an image will only leave room for disappointment about the real service. No one will expect you to go from a level 4 to a level 9 in a day, so don’t portray that as true online.


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Hashtags are the golden ticket when it comes to being discovered. They allow users to find your work, so be sure to hashtag accordingly. Think about the search terms they may use when looking for a new hairstylist. I.e. #coloristlosangeles or #balayagespecialist. While adding hashtags are key, don’t overdo it – keep it around 10! Looking spammy can also lead to less organic reach, so choose wisely!

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