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Who doesn’t adore a warm summer night? Sitting on the porch in shorts and a tee, sipping iced tea and watching the time pass comfortably. Warmer weather brings about a feeling of coziness while creating a stir in community gatherings. It is just more fun to go out when the weather is nice, wouldn’t you agree? The only downside to warmer weather is usually the process of getting ready. No one wants to be stuck in a hot room blow-drying their hair for hours on end while the sun is shining. Summer is the perfect season to consider getting a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment so you can spend more time enjoying the weather, and your friends.

As the temperatures rise, think about changing a few of your routines, to ensure a seamless style all season long.

Wash your hair at night – Taking a shower at night is a great way to cool down your body before bed and allow ample time for your hair to dry. Also, if you really want to blow-dry or heat style your hair; aim to do so at night (the day before your event). A few hours after the sun has gone down, the house has had time to cool down and this is usually the best time to style with hot tools. This will also give you a chance to take your time. Style your hair in sections and take breaks in between to allow your body and hair to cool.

Air-dry – We cannot stress this concept enough! Although you may think your hair is incapable of air-drying in a stylish way, with a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment it is more do-able than ever. By taking the risk of frizz out of the equation and allowing for a shiny, manageable finish – a smoothing treatment will ensure a perfectly air-dried style every time. During the summer months, air-drying is heaven-sent, it allows you to rock a killer look without sweating half of it out while styling.  

When In Doubt, Braid It Out – Braids are a foolproof way to create a flawless style when it’s balmy. You can start off on air-dried hair or a second-day style and create any type of look you desire. Whether you want a fishtail side-swept style, a crown braid, or Dutch braided pigtails, this will keep you looking and feeling cool no matter what the temperature.

For more tips and tricks for your summer style, be sure to check out Cezanne on Bangstyle and learn more about Cezanne Smoothing Treatments at CezanneHair.com and on Instagram @Cezanne_Hair.