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Each season we’re introduced to a variety of exciting new hair trends to offer to guests. The latest — the Bustle Shag — is a combination of energetic chaotic movement in the longer lengths, expanded bubble shape on the sides, and a calmer top supported by a hybrid short and long fringe. Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Artistic Director and Artistic/Education Director for Jose Luis Salon @_teresa_romero, shares how to create the cut which can work for most hair textures, however, the tighter the curl the more hair will expand, so be cautious on curly hair. 

“The longer underneath lengths are heavily layered while the top is kept long and less layered, for an almost bob-ish effect. The first one-inch section of the hybrid fringe is usually shorter above the eyebrow, leaving the hair behind it longer and disconnected to offer multiple styling options,” describes Romero.

Bustle Shag Haircut Step-by-Step:

  1. Section the top and crown away from the sides and back. Use the parietal ridge as a guide for sectioning.
  2. Establish the length of the perimeter in the back and sides.
  3. Layer hair below the parietal ridge.  It is okay to be aggressive with the layering, just don't lose the established length of the back and sides.
  4. Personalize and soften hair around the face.
  5. Drop the top and crown section.
  6. Section out one inch of the fringe area and cut just above the eyebrows.
  7. Take a second one-inch section of hair from the top over direct to the front and cut desired long fringe length to the tip of the nose in a curved shape.
  8. Blend the top and crown by over directing the remaining sections forward to the long fringe area. The top will be disconnected from the hair below the parietal ridge creating the bubble effect of the Bustle Shag.
  9. Blend and texturize as needed to customize.

Shop The Tools

Sam Villa Classic Series Shear for the detail work on the fringe in step 6.

Sam Villa Artist Series Shear for the rest of the cut.

Credits: Hair/Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Artistic Director; Photographer/Dani Bauer; Makeup/Jose Luis Salon Makeup.