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You can read articles after articles, follow blogs religiously, and watch so many Youtube vlogs you’ve practically memorized them, but when it comes to creating a perfect blowout, there is one tip that most are missing: the key to a stellar style starts in the shower!

How do you wash your hair? Shampoo twice? No conditioner? Condition and then shampoo? When it comes to getting your shower routine down, sometimes it’s best to try out different methods until you find one that works best for your style and hair type.

Shampoo Twice?

If you wash your hair everyday, chances are that you don’t need to shampoo twice. If your hair feels clean after the first rinse, you don’t need a second. Washing too much can dry out your hair, irritate your scalp and actually increase oil production. If you like to wash your hair everyday but feel as though your scalp is dry, try conditioning only – conditioner still has cleansing properties that can help clean without overly drying.

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No Conditioner, Conditioner

Feel as though conditioner makes your hair limp? Don’t like the way your hair styles after? Although some days it’s great to skip conditioner for added volume, you want to make sure to conditioner occasionally. Conditioner is similar to applying moisturizer after washing your face – while you can get away without applying occasionally, you don’t want to make a habit of it. You may just need to switch up your conditioner to find a formula that works well for your hair type.

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Condition, and then shampoo?

This can be a great option for those of you with fine or thinning hair. You can still shampoo and condition your hair and then do a quick shot of shampoo to the root area to give you some lift. Alternatively, sometimes you just need a really great rinse. Be sure to run fingers completely through your scalp, lifting, shaking and scrubbing to ensure you’ve gotten all the conditioner out.

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