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When you were a kid, you probably picked styles and products because your friends had them; whether it was a bowl cut, flattop, or even a giant tub of blue gel stashed under the sink!

Styling has drastically changed for men and women over the decades, partially as result of the rapid growth and innovation of technology. Now, learning about trends from break time chatter or the Sunday Times has evolved into discovering apps, videos, and live social media streams that showcase the latest fashions.

Consumers can now access a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, which is how we found out about the latest trick (that we absolutely love) for men’s grooming.

During your next style routine, try out products that are socially deemed as “women’s.” The blurred line androgyny had originally sparked has drastically changed, and much more than just the length of everyone’s hair. It has opened us up to an endless amount of styling techniques previously separated by the sexes.

As men have been trying on longer styles, there are a handful of new products they can now try out! Our top pick for men, despite texture, is Sea Salt Spray #catchawave. Sea Salt Spray works wonders as a texturizer, a definer and volumizer.

On Straight Hair:

Spray sea salt spray on damp hair and use a blow dryer to dry into desired shape. The grit and texture of the spray will give your hair volume and hold for the day ahead.

On Textured Hair:

Whether you’ve got curls for days or envious waves, spritz sea salt spray #catchawave onto damp hair and scrunch to add definition, curl and frizz control. It is best applied on wet hair, or you can spritz it on dry hair to revive curls or add movement.

Sea Salt Spray #catchawave is also our secret weapon this season for men’s hair! What’s your pick? Be sure to sound off below and follow us on Instagram and Bangstyle for our latest tips, tricks, and trends!