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It hasn’t been an easy twelve months. I say twelve because in less than six weeks we will be reaching the anniversary of our first shut down in March of 2020, at least for California. In the beginning, it was easier to be hopeful. Two weeks? We’ve got this, sometimes at home to rest our tired feet and backs. Two became three and three became an indefinite closure. Support came but it was never enough and never consistent. Forty-five weeks have passed since we first heard the words “pandemic,” “covid," and “coronavirus,” and since then we have been open for a total of seventeen nonconsecutive weeks.

With the hustle-bustle of the salon a memory, the four walls of my house started to close in. I don't know about you all, but I thrive with structure and plans. After the dust settled and we realized we were going to be closed a while I decided this was the perfect time to do all of those to-dos. I deep cleaned my travel kit and my salon, prepped bridal touch up kits, did my taxes, took inventory, applied for every grant and aid possible, created toner and regrowth kits for my clients, and started posting old images on my social media to keep it current. I may not have been “working” but I was working.

Now, everyone is in this storm together but we’ve come to realize just how different our ships are. I happen to be a hairstylist, a business owner, a single mother, and a full-time student. I live in a major city where expenses are high, as are expectations of stylists. I live in a state that has had the most restrictive closures as well. It hasn't been easy, I’ve questioned everything from my career to my life to my hair color and have Googled moving to a deserted island more times than I care to admit.

So, what happens when all the to-dos are done and the salon is still closed. Well, it’s a radical idea but, maybe it is time to focus on yourself. Take a moment and make a plan. Where do you want to see yourself in 3 years? In 5? In 10? Maybe your goals had to shift, and that's ok, we are no longer living in a pre-pandemic world. What did this time off make you realize? Do you want more time at home with your families? Have you found a love for a new hobby? Maybe your perspective and priorities shifted and you want your career to shift along with them?

I’ll share mine with you...

I’ve found that I love NOT double booking clients, I love working with fewer clients a day and giving them my full focus while my pricing reflects that. Also, I don't like early mornings, I was so used to forcing myself awake to fit in an extra client at 7 am and that no longer works with my lifestyle. While Saturdays are a must, Sundays have become our special family day, I turn off the phone and I no longer feel bad about it. Most importantly, I have become better at setting boundaries. During our numerous shutdowns, I chose to observe the mandates and not work. It was hard but I felt it was the right thing to do socially. Because of this, I have lost clients who preferred to go to stylists to were open. This was a lesson in curating your clientele not just for your skills but for your personality as well. I won’t say I am thankful for a pandemic that has shaken our world, but I will say that I am thankful for the added time to slow down and reflect, the priceless time with my daughter, and the new business model I am going back to.


Written by: Nicoletta