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If you’re looking to take your summer style from faded to fabulous then you’ll want to take a peek at some of our summer staples! With the change in temps and the plethora of activities you’ll want to partake in, there’s no time to let your hair slow you down!

Going to be by the water...

Whether it is a lake, a pool, at the beach or on a boat – taking care of your hair in the sun is one of the most important things you can do for it (especially if your hair is color treated).  Before summer begins, be sure to visit your stylist to freshen up your roots and your ends. Getting a trim will make summer a breeze when it comes to styling. Our favorite trick is to add a deep conditioner to our routine. Yes, you’ll want to rely on this magical potion after a long day in the sun, but applying it to your hair before you submerge can be highly beneficial too!

Our pick:

KEUNE Care Satin Oil Masque

Adventuring around town?

If you’re exploring your city or a new one, you’ll want to be ready for anything. It could be a picnic in the park in the afternoon and happy hour cocktails the next. Picking a style and a few products that will transition easily throughout the day is key. If the temps are high, opt for a loose braid to protect your blowout and keep your hair off your neck. Spritz a little BLEND Refreshing Spray at your roots before you leave and you’ll notice how your style will last longer and be able to transition for nighttime. Heading out for the evening? Simply take down your loose braid and use your fingers to tousle the roots to give you ample volume. The braids should also create a slight wave, and who doesn’t love that?

Are the mountains calling?

Is your favorite way to spend the summer months hiking trails and traversing waterfalls? If so, aside from the bug spray you’ll want to pick up CARE Keratin Smooth Smoothing Serum. With the sweat, the wind, the heat and the dirt – having your hair smooth will just ease travels. This, plus a BLEND Refreshing Spray in your pack at all times means you’ll have happy campers all around.

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