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Summer is usually signaled by warmer days, longer nights, and being able to watch the sunset won your evening stroll. While you’re making plans to lay by the beach, go out for a happy hour, or to spend your evenings exploring the city — the last thing you want to do is spend a heap of time on your hair. Not to mention, it’s hot and the idea of using a blowdryer in your non-air-conditioned apartment sounds like torture. Learn how to change up your routine and air-dry your luscious locks to perfection so when it's hot out, you won't look like a hot mess. 

Play With Products

As much as you would love to trust your Instagram feed, there is NO one-size-fits-all product for everyone. In a world of curly, coily, wavy, straight, thin, thick, and frizzy – you'll need to find a product that seems like it is made just for you. Products for air drying will most likely differ from those you use to blow dry. When you air dry, you don’t have as much control so you need to pick a product that controls frizz or volume without needing heat. While you may use a hydrating oil for blowouts, you may need a defining cream or texturizing spray for easy air-drying. 

Air-Dry Go-Tos:


Learn the Dos & Don’ts 

Some may find it easier to get up, shower, and go, while others may need the whole night for their hair to dry. Letting hair air dry at night will have less interference with the environment (wind, heat, moisture). This will also give your hair the chance to create those natural oils that usually make second-day hair look so great! Try out different tactics and see which works best for you. *Pro-tip for curly, textured, or frizzy hair: apply products in the shower and give them a quick rinse, not to remove product but to make sure hair is in its “natural wave state” before leaving. 


Know When to Wash

As you start to round the base on your second to third-day hair you start to question when you should wash. Instead of going straight for the shampoo, opt for a combination of dry shampoo and dry conditioner instead. This duo can cut down on water use, extend the life of your style and refresh roots while adding much-needed moisture to your mid-lengths and ends. 

Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner Go-Tos:




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