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Do you have your summer plans set yet? With temperatures on the constant rise and men’s styling being more prominent than ever, it is important to learn how to keep your style on point this season in the heat and humidity.

  • Loose waves are a great summer style that doesn’t require a ton of products or heat styling. This easy-breezy style works best by getting your product cocktail and air-drying routine down. After hair is dry, apply PASTE throughout your hair, wherever you need a bit of control and seal your style with HAIR SPRAY for an effortless beach-worthy look.
  • Ask for a High Fade – you can still have fun styling the length on top, but cutting the sides short will also cut down on heat. To keep your coif in control, aim to blow-dry the top. Apply paste prior to your blowout, this will secure your style and give you great volume. Once finished, apply a layer of HAIR SPRAY for a secure hold.
  • Getting a clean, fresh cut requires less maintenance and means you can go sans tons of styling to keep it looking great. If you usually sweat out your style, opt for CLAY – the clay and wax blend will absorb excess oil while it fends off sweat from penetrating your style. If you really want to seal it in place, apply a fine mist of HAIR SPRAY over your style before leaving the house.

Summer is the perfect time to try on a new look, experiment with styling products, and tailor those tried-and-true styles for the weather ahead. If you’re still looking for style inspiration, check out 18.21 Man Made on Bangstyle, grab their products in the Bangstyle store, and be sure to follow their adventures on Instagram @1821Manmade to see their latest looks!

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18.21 Man Made CLAY

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18.21 Man Made PASTE

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