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As temperatures start to rise, humidity goes up and unsightly frizz makes a daily appearance. The good news? Hair doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance during the summer. In fact, most styles look better when they appear worn-in and effortless. To help prep you for those warmer days ahead, we’ve rounded up the top three styles you can throw together quickly for all your summer adventures.


1: The Loose Pony

It may be your go-to look at the gym, but this season loose ponytails are extra flirty and playful. Perfect for second-day waves, simply brush out your hair and apply label.m Sea Salt Spray to give your style a little lived-in texture. Then, gently pull hair up off your neck and secure it with a no-crease hair tie, or, with one of summer’s most surprising trends: a scrunchie! Pull out a few face-framing pieces and you’ll be good to go.

2: The Single Braid

Messy braids are perfect for just about every summer outing. From BBQs to pool parties, they’re an easy way to get your hair out of your face and can be done on clean or dry hair. This season, the single braid makes its long-awaited return. Before styling, apply label.m Volume Mousse to give your crown some extra volume. Blow dry hair, then loosely create a single braid, starting the braid along the nape of your neck. The best part? This style performs double duty. Braid your hair during the day, then take it out at night for beachy, cool-girl waves.

3: The Wet Look

Rocking “straight-out-of-the shower” strands is no longer a faux pas. The key to sporting the sleek style is making sure tresses look damp, not sopping wet or greasy. Before styling, wash your hair with label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Shine Conditioner to maximize shine. Then, while hair is still wet, apply Curl Cream to enhance your natural waves. Gently scrunch your hair to activate your natural texture, then apply Shaper to loosely define your waves and give them extra shine.

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