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The great thing about the summer season is the ability to go out on a “limb” and totally transform your look. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time and money investing in accessories, hair color or fashioning a new cut to wear. And, just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean we have to completely jump ship on all our favorite styles. From transitioning from summer to fall and winter, to holding onto trends a little longer – even just for the sake of sustainable fashion – here are our favorite picks from summer that we’re definitely holding on to this season (and you should too)!



From hiding bed head to adding interest to your outfit, barrettes were back in full force this season and they’ve already lasted far past festival season. Whether pearl or tortoiseshell, crystal or metal, barrettes look even better with a turtleneck or chunky knit sweater! Add them to ponytails, fresh blowouts or simply for special occasions.


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We’ve fallen in love with scarves again this season for the mere fact that they are so useful! You might not always have a convertible or boat to ride in, but scarves have proven so useful to protect your hair or add to your style when the wind is blowing! We actually like to keep a scarf with us at all times by tying it to our purse, that way if you’re running to catch the subway or need to keep your hair out of your face, you’re always prepared!


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While shades may transform for the colder months, balayage has proved that it isn’t heading anywhere this season. If anything, the “lived-in” color look has become even more popular and will simply take on more humble levels. If you’re looking to tone down your shade this season, do exactly that. Simply ask your stylist to give you a gloss – a quick and easy process that can transform your look in an instant.



Prada is the most obvious hint that headbands will be huge this season. We love the bold move it makes by adding drama to any style. Whether hair is long or short, up or down, it is an easy move that anyone can master.


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“It’s a scruuuuunnnchiiee”. Carrie Bradshaw threw some major shade on this trend during Season 4 of Sex and The City, but maybe Burger saw it coming. Scrunchies have made a major return and not just for tying up hair when washing your face. From silk to patterns, most fashion companies have also made it a “thing” by recycling their fabrics, which is a welcomed trend of its own. Wrap it around a low bun or high pony half up or even a braid.



Kaia Gerber reinvigorated this sweeping trend and we have a feeling more will be jumping on it again this fall. Cutting your hair seems to be very freeing. And with the recent innovations of extensions (including the easy-to-apply, non-damaging creation of Ziploxx) regaining length is easier than you may think!


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