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So often, we style our hair without really thinking about our outfit because let’s face it — pretty much everything goes with jeans and a tee or a floral sundress. However, as the summer weather begins to peak and more of us are concerned about the damage the sun can do, summer’s biggest hair accessory — the bucket hat — will need a bit of styling. 

In recent seasons, we’ve seen runways practically explode with the addition of the bucket hat. Everyone from Jacquemus to Dior and Lack Of Color has created their own version recently, which means it is only a matter of time for this staple to become mainstream. 

There are a few reasons why the bucket hat has become so popular in recent times, mainly for sun protection to literally save face and also to add a bit of flair to your go-to look. These floppy hats are also ideal for travel as they pack down easily, are light and can be shoved into your beach bag with little worry about ruining the brim. 

How To Pick a Shade:

First things first — the color or pattern. This will widely be determined by your wardrobe and how you plan on pairing this with your summer outfit. However, one should also pick a hue based on your hair color. Bucket hats tend to be bold and bright or textured and subdued, so choose wisely depending on your plan for summer hair color. If you are a fan of natural hair color hues, you can either stay within a similar nude palette or go for the opposite with a contrasting shade. 

How To Prep Your Hair:

Hat hair isn’t exactly chic — so you may decide to pair your hat with second-day strands or air-dried hair. Either choice is wise if you’re in need of hiding your roots and aren’t in the mood to add dry shampoo. If the weather is particularly balmy, keep a hair tie on you and wrap your hair into a low pony or nape knot to keep you even cooler. 

Make It Front & Center:

While sun hats can aid on off hair days or when you’re waiting to see your colorist, they should also be used to highlight your total look. For days like these, play with texture by highlighting your natural patterns, adding braided elements or picking a piece that also highlights your hair. You can also have fun with your look by trying out various bucket hat designs — from crocheted looks to woven patterns, structured staples or billowy buckets. 

For a Failsafe Finish:

If you’re not sure where your day will take you, either prep hair with dry shampoo or stash your favorite one in your bag for later. To refresh your hair add a spritz from roots to mid-lengths and tousle with your hands to go from a day to night look. 

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