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Climate change is a political topic spanning the world that is finally gaining the recognition it deserves. Activists like Greta Thunberg and Jamie Margolin are leading a revolution of younger generations who are taking a stance and it is finally making a positive impact. Leading the beauty industry, KEVIN.MURPHY has always been concerned about the environment and has taken steps throughout its existence to cut down on the damage we are causing the environment. 

How To Create Change

Salon Tips


A new virtual salon tool, it will show salons and individuals the steps they can take to reduce their footprint. 

Switch Out Bulbs & Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

By switching to LED bulbs in the salon, you can save up to $14,000 in electricity costs in the lifespan of the bulb.

Clean with Green Products

Another way to be more sustainable in the salon is to realise not just what you’re throwing away, but what is being washed into our oceans. Using biodegradable cleaning products promote a healthier environment in the salon and outside as well.

Reduce Water

KEVIN.MURPHY is a proud supporter of Ecoheads – a simple showerhead solution that cuts down on water usage by 65% while delivering the same amount of necessary pressure to rinse color and products in the salon. 

Join Green Circle Salons Program

From colour tubes to foils – salons have a great deal of waste that can all be recycled. Green Circle Salons are committed to improving the community by offering sustainable solutions and starting initiatives that cut down on the waste.

Take-Home Tips

Recycle & Reuse At Home

Apart from educating clients on the best way to use KEVIN.MURPHY products on their hair, instruct them on the best ways to clean up the environment by recycling. A great way to incentivise them is by offering them discounts or extra treatments if they bring back their old bottles to be recycled.

Refuse Single-Use Plastics

Fight back against brands who aren't adapting to the new industry standards. 

Invest In Glass Water Bottles/Pitchers

Whether at work, home, or on the road - take your refillable water bottle with you everywhere. 

Support Businesses Who Use Sustainable Packaging

Shy away from takeaway containers that harm the environment or coffee shops that don't use biodegradable straws - better yet, pack your own reusable straw!

Shop Local & Bring Your Own Bag

By shopping at local farmer's markets you'll cut down on the need to purchase items that are packaged in excessive plastic containers. 

Spread The Word

Educate your friends, neighbours and family members on the importance of adopting these practices as a community to spark change.


What may look like a small change is a grand-scale shift in the industry. Choosing KEVIN.MURPHY is an easy choice when it comes to the health of your hair, and now it’s an easy choice when it comes to the health of the environment.

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