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Bold color and an even bolder statement, Stacey Whittaker's latest collection - Swim Cap - was inspired by her models and the retro vibes of recent fashion weeks. Melting the retro with the modern, her colors are deliberate and her creations are showstopping. Keep reading to hear more about the collection from Stacey herself and learn how she got the finished look!

What was the inspiration for the shoot?

The inspiration behind these images came from the model's incredible facial features. This led to the use of swim caps as I really wanted to accentuate her features and showcase the beautiful bold use of colour. I was also inspired by Milan Fashion Week and the retro aspects that were carefully placed on a number of catwalks. This collection is an exquisite example of retro meets modern in the most elegant, vibrant way.

What message did you want with your makeup artistry?

I wanted to use explosive, bright pops of colour to draw attention to the facial features and I just really wanted to have some fun and let my creativity flow. A lot of the focus was on that flawless skin and complexion as this acted as a base for the bold colours in the eye makeup and lips. I wanted to convey freedom and with my use of colours that may traditionally clash I wanted to demonstrate that the conventional boundaries can be blurred and create a new version of beautiful.


How did the idea for the shoot come about?

I had been watching fashion week and observing the different trends on various catwalks and noticed a hint of retro/vintage theme from a few different designers. This inspired me to create something a bit different with reference to vintage style. I also wanted to create something different from my previous work and have some fun whilst doing so.

What interesting makeup techniques did you use?

For the skin, I created my own blend of foundation to achieve a flawless yet radiant result. I carefully mixed Cover FX Liquid Drops into MAC Face and Body Foundation with a little Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. Blending your own mix to create the skin you want is a technique that I love and it works so well as no two faces are the same, so why should the formula be. This custom mix created a smooth, creamy texture that would provide flawless skin to create this look. For the eyes, I used quite a heavy patting technique to lay down a solid base of colour for certain looks. Usually, with eye shadow, the goal is to create a fluffy light blend of colour but with this look, I wanted to create a bold, immense shadow on the lid so I used my finger to pat the colour on quite densely. This was then blended out around the edges to create that seamless blend and eliminate any harsh lines.


Makeup Artist/Styling – Stacey Whittaker

Photography – Jarred Photography

Models – Colours Agency