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Move over, basic blondes – there's a new trend in town, and it's so sweet, it'll make your taste buds jealous. Introducing the Syrup Blonde trend, the hair color that's got everyone buzzing with excitement. We're here to spill the tea and give you all the delectable details on why your locks deserve a sweet makeover.

What Is Syrup Blonde?

With a name coined by, none other than, hairstylist Tom Smith, this tone is maple magic. It’s a mix of warm tones of your favorite pancake syrup but for your locks. Syrup Blonde is like a cascade of golden maple deliciousness, the kind of sweetness that'll have everyone doing a double take.

Forget the traditional blonde balayage – Syrup Blonde takes blonde to a whole new gloss level. This trend involves seamlessly blending darker, syrupy shades into your base blonde, creating a natural, sun-kissed effect. It's like your hair went on a tropical vacation and brought back the perfect sun-drenched glow.


How To Get The Look:

This yummy tone only needs the addition of a good gloss to your go-to blonde shade to make the switch. Based on the level of intensity you’re after, you and your stylist can decide how to enhance the warmth and deepness in your finished look.

What About Upkeep?

It can be your low-maintenance hero. With natural roots that blend effortlessly with the darker hues, allowing you to rock those lived-in vibes without a constant touch-up countdown. When it comes to homecare, pair your new blonde shade with Biotop Professional 700 Keratin + Kale Hair Mask. This mask is formulated with Keratin protein, Kale Extract, Provitamin B5, & Vitamin E and will perfectly restore strength, smoothness and leave you with shiny, healthy hair. 

Celeb-Approved and Insta-Worthy:

Celebs are jumping on the Syrup Blonde bandwagon, and when Hollywood's finest are rocking a trend, it's practically the law to follow suit. From red carpets to Instagram feeds, the Syrup Blonde hashtag is on fire.

Syrup Blonde isn't reserved for Sunday brunches with the grandparents. This trend is a modern, sassy twist on classic blonde, giving you the best of both worlds – timeless elegance with a side of cheeky attitude. It's not just hair; it's a statement.

So, if you're ready to ditch the plain blonde and add a dollop of sweetness to your locks, Syrup Blonde is the trend to watch.