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Raise your hand if you’ve had more virtual hair consultations in the last year than you’ve ever had in your entire career as a stylist! Luckily, now, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and people are returning to salons for in-person consultations, which will definitely make the conversations with clients go a lot more smoothly. Though, since it has been a while since everyone interacted with each other face to face and might be a bit out of practice, it can’t hurt to have a little refresher and learn some tips on how to get the hair color your client actually wants.

In a recent Facebook Live session, Amber Skrzypek, Keune Technical Ambassador, provided viewers with some amazing tips to help make sure your client consultations, be them virtual or in person, go swimmingly and that you fully understand your client’s desires.

Use Pinterest to Create Your Lookbook

Pinterest is a fantastic way to create a lookbook that is easily accessible for both in-person consultations and virtual consultations. If you’re in person, you can take out your phone and scroll through your boards to help your clients select the colors they gravitate towards. Or, if you are doing this consultation via Zoom or call, it’s easy for you to share the link to your board with the client and then have them share with you the links to your pins they like the most.

Now, when it comes to building out your Pinterest lookbook, it’s important to have a variety of color categories. First, create boards for the broader colors like browns, blacks, reds, blondes, greens, etc. Having boards for overarching colors will help get you in the right spot for more specific coloring inspiration.

Then, within each board create smaller boards that break down warm and cool tones for that specific color. So, if the color category is blonde, you’ll have a sub-board for warm blondes and then cooler blondes like beige and platinum. Having these more precise boards can help your client pinpoint exactly the shade of color they want. A lot of times clients will walk into your salon and say they want to go lighter, but won’t know how to explain that. Creating these boards ahead of time will not only help your clients figure out the exact color they want, but it will also save you time during the consultation.

Working With Images They Like

Whether your clients walk into the consultation with a bundle of inspiration photos on their phone or they’ve chosen a few they like from your Pinterest board, this phone trick will help get your client the exact color they want. If your client sees a photo of the hair color they want but isn’t quite convinced it’s the perfect color for them, this may be an issue of leveling. Now, your client won’t know what that means, but you certainly do.

When this happens, save the photo to your camera roll or screenshot it. Then, make your way to the photo in your library, and click on edit and start shifting the brightness of the picture. By shifting the brightness of the photo from lighter to darker, your client will have a chance to see the color they like on a different level. This is a great way to help your clients visualize the exact color they want, while also informing you on how to get them the right color. This is a technique that works great for all hair colors, but especially for blondes and redheads.