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As a brand, KEVIN.MURPHY has always been known for our signature “beachy” style. The concept of the product line literally began on the beach during a photo shoot and has encapsulated these vibes ever since. Just in time for summer, KEVIN.MURPHY PLATINUM.KEY, Lucas Dowling has created an effortless look with an easy to follow step by step. You’re just a few steps away to flawless textured waves for you and your clients!




To achieve the look, start by washing hair with ANGEL.WASH and ANGEL.RINSE. Prep hair with 2-3 pumps of HEATED.DEFENSE. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY starting at the nape. Take 1-inch horizontal sections and apply 4-6 sprays depending on density. Continue all the way up to the front hairline.

Place hair on a side parting and blast dry using your hands. Try not to stretch the hair out too much. Use a LARGE ROLL.BRUSH to refine any frizzy areas.



For our first set, we will be using a Medium Tong and ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY.

- Take a 1 1/2 inch vertical section around the hairline from the part down.

- Lightly mist ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, project hair forward keep the tong on a 45° with the point up facing away from the face and make one wrap back towards the head. After the hair has heated twist hair off the end of the tong and repeat the process on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. 

- Repeat the process on the next vertical section continuing to wrap away from the face. It should take between 3-4 section depending on density to reach the middle back.

- Repeat process on the opposite side.

- Once cooled use a TEXTURE.COMB to brush out the set.



- Split hair into four sections from the part.

- Start at the front sections, lightly mist HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY then wrap in a figure 8 pattern around your index, middle and ring finger. Hold in place and remove your fingers then secure with a pin curl clip. Repeat the process on the opposite side and continue onto back until all four are complete.

- Give the whole head a light mist with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and gently heat with a diffuser.

- Let cool for 5 minutes.



- Once cooled remove pin curl clips and brush out with the TEXTURE.COMB then refine with the TAIL.COMB.

- Finish with BEDROOM.HAIR.



For a more exaggerated look. Section the hair into a horseshoe after the first set and complete 4 figure 8’s on the underneath then another four on the top. Also, you can pinch the hair around a small tong to refine any bends around the face before finishing with BEDROOM.HAIR.


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