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Fruity cocktails are a must during the summer months. But why limit your mixology skills to beverages? Cocktailing your hair care products saves you time and money, especially when the products are specifically designed to work with one another to give you the look you’re after. Enter: Keune BLEND, a hair care line that can be cocktailed to your specific needs to achieve your desired style. Read on to take a peek at our top three mash-ups to work into your summer beauty routine.


Cocktail #1: Beachy Waves

BLEND Sea Salt MousseBLEND Sea Salt Spray

For effortless, “spent-a-day-at-the-beach” texture, apply BLEND Sea Salt Mousse to damp hair, then spritz BLEND Sea Salt Spray into strands and start scrunching to activate your hair’s natural wave. Air dry, then touch up any frizzy or straight areas with a 1” curling wand.


Cocktail #2: Bombshell Volume

BLEND Refreshing Spray + BLEND Volume Powder + BLEND Gloss Spray

Fear second-day hair no longer. This trio hides unsightly oil and adds volume and shine. Spray BLEND Refreshing Spray at the roots and gently massage the product into your strands. Next, apply a little BLEND Volume Powder into your roots to add thickness. Finish with BLEND Gloss Spray for a touch of shine.


Cocktail #3: A Snatched Pony

BLEND Gel + BLEND Fixing Spray

Need to mask oily strands? This powerhouse pair is key to achieving that sleek pony a la Kim Kardashian. Use a boar bristle brush to pull strands into a ponytail, then apply BLEND Gel along your hairline and use your fingers to distribute it into your roots. This will smooth any frizz and keep your baby hairs in place. Secure ponytail with a hair tie, then spray BLEND Fixing Spray to your hairline and roots.

Keune, for the salon professional since 1922.

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