2024 has already brought on an abundance of new trends — from Bows to Glass Skin and a return to The Octopus Cut, Fluffy Texture, and 00s (aka the noughties) hairstyles — but have you tried the Bixie? A term coined by Wella Ambassador Briana Cisneros is taking the cake as one of the top haircut trends yet again in 2024, you’re about to see this bob-pixie hybrid haircut everywhere you look. 

What Is The Bixie?

The bixie is a cross between a bob haircut and a pixie. Shorter than a bob with the texture and volume of a pixie, it is essentially a shaggy bob with a shorter length. We saw this trend in similar fashions when the “Diana Bob” started trending, but this new bixie movement (which started in 2022) has taken on a modernized look. 

The original take on the Bixie was made popular with starlets in the 90s with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Meg Ryan and Halle Berry. Originally soft in shape, it began to take on more texture and angles to become a hit for rockstars like Victoria Beckham and eventually transitioned into a sharp A-line. Recently, English actress Florence Pugh famously showed off this style and a quick transformation from brunette to blonde that shows the style off in all its glory. 


What To Ask For to Get The Look:

While many stars are flocking to the trend, recently, Wella Ambassador Briana Cisneros debuted the cut on Instagram leaving us all in awe of this adorable shape. Curious how to get the look for yourself?

  • The length should be determined between you and your stylist and based on your hair type, texture and bone structure
  • Texture should be added to the cut to frame the face and add volume
  • While you can wear it naturally, there will be some degree of styling and upkeep
  • Curtain bangs are a natural addition to this trend to get the total look