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Whether you've just wrapped binging season 5 of The Crown or you've already sped through Harry & Meghan you're probably Googling all things Diana. Who could resist a good royal-family trend? From regency core to Kate Middleton’s modern but posh style, the royals have been giving us style inspiration for centuries (literally)! So, it should come as no surprise that the latest style trend to stem from the royals comes from the late Princess Diana.

Princess Diana is known for many things, all of which allude to her kindness and beauty. She’s known to have been loved by all and more recently, Generation Z and younger Millennials have discovered her effortless, yet totally chic street style! People are eating up Princess Diana’s casual streetwear attire of bicycle shorts and oversized graphic crewnecks.

Don’t stop there though! Along with her admirable street style, Princess Diana certainly knew how to class it up when she needed to, and the way she pulled together any outfit be it casual or formal, was with her signature bob! This signature “Diana” bob is something we’ve all seen and loved for years, and this season it’s getting a bit of an edgier update.

The same group of people who fell in love with Princess Diana’s effortless street style is the same group of people who are rendering their own version of the “Diana” bob. Princess Diana’s signature cut is easily recognized by the blond tresses, shoulder-length resting spot, and, of course, voluminous feathered waves that knew exactly where to fall. Today, however, the newest generation of hairstylists and hair lovers, have taken the signature cut and modernized it.


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Don’t worry, the classic blonde is still a staple of the bob, but instead of the hold being so polished, wearers of the modern “Diana” bob are opting for a more relaxed and edgy version of the do. Instead of the bob having each strand in its specific place, with this modern version, hair can be a little more teased and have a mind of its own. This new take on a classic look encourages a bit of punk style and embraces being a little less put together.

In that case, perfecting the modern “Diana” bob is a bit easier than the OG hairstyle. Your three main go-to products to create this look will be a trust heat protectant serum, a texturizing spray, and a finishing spray to add shine.

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  • First, you’ll apply your heat protectant, like Redken Quick Blow Dry to smooth, de-frizz, speed up your finish, and protect hair from hot hair tools. In addition, Quick Blowout helps boost the appearance and feel of your final style by nourishing strands and adding shine!
  • Once you’ve applied this, it’s time to blow dry! Use a small round brush – we love the Sam Villa Signature Series Oval Brush – to add volume moving in overdirected sections away from the face.
  • Finally, finish your look by spritzing with Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift.


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