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Giving us Rachel vibes, a new cut has just landed. With a softer shape and a modern take, the curve cut is ideal for guests that have tried the wolf cut or a shag and want something new. It is also a great option for anywho who doesn’t want to go too short, but still wants a multitude of layers for fun texture and movement,” says Joe Chesbro, Sam Villa Ambassador and Owner of Platinum Salon and Suites  @joe_chesbro.

Chesbro says, “the curve cut is the next big look because it has the cool-girl elements of a hybrid cut without sacrificing length. It’s mid-length with face-framing layers that are slightly disconnected, making it a good shape for finer-haired guests or those who want to maintain length enhanced by the texture and movement of layers.”

To get the look, Chesbro establishes disconnected layers with one easy sectioning pattern, a stationary guide and a fail-safe technique for creating a flattering bottleneck fringe.  Learn the technique below.

Curve Cut: The Details 

  • Take hair from the recession line and make a curved section that stops at a point in center back when joined with a mirror section on other side.
  • Use dry sectioning clips to hold the underneath hair down and away to keep it separated from the top section.
  • Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb to find the high point of the head and section top area into 4 quadrants using the parting pick for precision.
  • Establish a guide in center front with a bit of hair from the left and the right sides.
  • Comb hair forward to the center part, pick up guide, comb horizontally and cut with Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25” Shears.
  • Continue to guide hair into the center and cut, working quadrant by quadrant.
  • Release bottom section, comb together and detail.


Shop The Look: 

Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips

Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb

Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25” Shears


Credits: Hair: Joe Chesbro; Photographer: Rhiannon McHargue @rhilouiseartistry; Model: Samantha Giverc