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If you’re a fan of HBO’s The White Lotus, you’ve probably been dreaming of visiting Sicily with freshly chopped Italian bob à la Simona Tabasco to match. The look became a major hit as soon as season two launched and has continued to make waves this season. The cut is a one-length bob with heavy ends that sit on the chin or slightly below. The fringe is optional and can range from eyebrow grazing to one length. When it comes to styling — flip or no flip, that is the question. Whether you want this look for yourself or need to know all the details for your clients, Teresa Romero, Creative Director for Sam Villa and Artistic/Education Director for Jose Luis Salon @_teresa_romero is breaking this summer ’23 trend down for you.

The Italian Bob Trend

“It’s the heavier, full, chunky permitter and lack of layers that set this bob apart from others. The weight and volume are at the ends which brings a lot of attention to the chin area,” she explains.

The Cut

  • For hair to drop easily into a natural fall while airdrying, use little to no tension while cutting the perimeter.  Use a Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Shear on dry hair and the Classic Series 5.5” Shear on wet hair.
  • For a clean neckline, low hair lines may require shaving the neck and high low-density hairlines may need to remain more one length to protect the structured perimeter. 
  • For a precision finish, texturize with the 7” Dry Cutting Shear after the hair is dried and styled.

How To Style The Italian Bob

  • Casual finish with loose texture - use a Sam Villa Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush to create waves and/or a beveled flip at the ends.  The combination of a blow dryer with a hot brush adds polish and shine while drying and makes it easy to add shape.
  • Smooth finish with high gloss - use a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleeker Professional Straightening Iron to smooth hair and bevel ends/fringe.

“This cut is low maintenance and can usually be styled with little to no effort. Plan to get it touched up every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the chin grazing length,” adds Romero.

Shop The Look:

Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Shear 

Sam Villa Classic Series 5.5” Shear 

Sam Villa Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush

Sam Villa Signature Series Sleeker Professional Straightening Iron


Credits: Hair, Makeup, Photographer/Teresa Romero; Model/Mercedes 


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