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The latest colour trends are laying bare consumer trends surrounding everything from makeup to hair colour, clothing and interior design. As clients continue to search for low-maintenance colour options and styles that customise their unique qualities, going NUDE has never been more in style. 

Noticing the movement and ensuring stylists were ready for the influx in requests, COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY has just debuted its new NUDES SHADES .28 BEIGE.VIOLET. Available in four levels — 8.28, 9.28, 10.28 and 11.28 —  and with the ability to lighten of up to 3 levels, stylists are able to use alone or mix with other SHADES and BOOSTERS to create a fashion-forward finish for tone-on-tone looks, refining services or darker colourations. 

Due to the fact that the new NUDES are created with both cool (BEIGE) and cool-warm (VIOLET) reflects, the new SHADES have a more “natural” appearance and are able to be used on both cool and warm skin tones creating results that range from bronze, blush, pink beige, to taupe, oatmeal and deep bronze — it all comes down to the way you customise it.

Custom Formulations:

Simply mix the SHADE with the ACTIVATOR of your choice and develop with either LIQUID.ACTIVATOR or CREAM.ACTIVATOR.  *The ratio will depend on your colour service.

Cool Tones

To enhance the .28 BEIGE.VIOLET range with a cool reflect consider adding CLEAR, SOFT.VIOLET or BLUE BOOSTERS to your formulation to further enhance the tonal nature. This is a great idea if your client’s skin tone leans toward cool tones as well. 

Warm Tones

If your client is craving a warmer tone, simply add YELLOW, RED, or ORANGE BOOSTERS to your formulation. With the ability to customise based on depth and vibrancy, you’ll be able to create a custom-tailored look specific to your client’s wants and wishes. 

Why You’ll Love It:

As with the entire COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY line, the options with NUDES .28 BEIGE.VIOLET are endless. With the ability to pull both warm and cool, custom formulations are ideal and will set your work apart as a colourist. Additionally, this is the perfect shade for quick and easy refining pH.D services in the salon. The great thing about utilising NUDES + pH.D lies in the low commitment of both the SHADE and the service.

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