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Who else remembers the first time they did highlights? Fumbling thumb over thumb on foils, dropping your comb and bleach filled brushes, and seeing your foils fly. It took time to get into the rhythm of section, clip, weave, hold, foil and then placement. Sometimes still you might feel yourself get out of the rhythm a bit or fumble when you switch from balayage to foils and vice-versa. Whether using a board or a foil, we often get bogged down by picking up, holding and placing tools, all while trying to control the hair and keep your speed up before oxidization. 

Looking for a solution, Daniel Roldan designed a pair of gloves that brings ease to your color application, now all you need is color and a glove.

These Nitrile Textured Color Gloves allow you to use the back of your hand to place (and keep) color for application, textured fingers allow for an easy non-slip grip of sections and the textured glove allows for color to evenly pass through strands for uniform application. Powder-, latex-, and static-free, these reusable gloves will not only cut down on application time, they’ll improve your results as well.

Looking to try out a pair? Pick them up here and be sure to sound off below about how well they worked for you! For more color tools, tips, and inspiration be sure to stalk Matrix on Bangstyle and check out their artist tools in the Bangstyle store!