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Now that Awards Season has begun and Spring Fashion Week is just around the corner, we know that trends will be popping up everywhere. As the styles come and go, we know that one trend will last us all year long—shiny hair. The celebs and starlets have spoken and, based on what they’re donning, the return of shiny hair is outweighing the matte finish of season’s past.

Shiny hair is achieved a handful of ways but most importantly, this polished look requires healthy hair. When hair is healthy, the cuticle layer of your strand lies flat, giving off a naturally shiny appearance. When we color, blow-dry and heat style our hair, the cuticle layer is most often compromised because the chemicals and heat lift the cuticle. The more we perform these styling techniques, the more our hair becomes dull and lifeless.

The best way to combat the effects of heat and environmental factors is with a smoothing treatment such as Cezanne Express or Classic. Both of these treatments deliver a powerful punch of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients to give you a frizz-free finish and instant shine.

Unlike other smoothing treatments, Cezanne is 100% formaldehyde-free, doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients and has no restrictions once your salon treatment is finished. This treatment will wear off gradually so you are left with no line of demarcation. Once the treatment is complete, you can immediately wash your hair, workout, or pull your hair back. Your hair is smooth and frizz-free the natural way and will still curl and style exactly how you want it to, except now in less time!

For a naturally frizz-free finish and sleek, shiny style be sure to check out Cezanne—follow us on Instagram and CezanneHair.com for even more helpful tips!