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Made famous by stars like Bradley Cooper, Justin Bieber, and more recently Timothée Chalamet, the ‘Wings’ hair trend is also known as the mod cut and takes on a laid-back surfer vibe. First noted as a Victorian-era style, characteristically it features short hair around the face that can range from sitting just off the ear to near the jawline or shoulder-length and flips out, creating a ‘wing’ shape and can be described as flowy or floppy. 

From short hair to medium and long cuts, this trend can be created on all lengths. Similar in shape to the “step bang” or “70s fringe,” the shape can be accentuated on any hair type through distinct styling techniques. As one of the most searched about hair trends in North America, it proves that this trend is on the rise. 

Get The Look:

Whether you’re getting a complete ‘Wings’ cut or are creating a fringe to mimic the trend, be sure to do your homework and bring in plenty of visual examples for your hairstylist. If you’re blending this look into a longer hairstyle, ask for a softer texturization to ease your way into the trend. 

Styling The Look:

Previously, at-home styling techniques involved carefully combing hair forward and then wearing a hat to ensure the shape dried into place. However, the trend has come a long way since the Justin Bieber days. 

For Straight Hair: After removing excess moisture, add a styling cream or non-flaky gel throughout the hair. Then use a vent brush (or a Denman brush for thicker texture) and brush hair forward as you perform a directional blow-dry. Once hair near the root is laying down flat, dry the ends with a flip. If extra hold is needed, once dry use your fingers to pinch the hair near the middle of your forehead and spritz with hairspray or a paste to finish. For a more natural feel, allow the rest of your hair to dry naturally to create that surfer feel. 

Products To Get The Look:

For Textured Hair: Although this look can be achieved on all hair types, we really love it on hair with various texture patterns. From curls to waves, this trend makes the undone look doable. Instead of excessive styling, opt for a wave or curl cream followed by an anti-frizz styler to allow for a natural sexy-messy finish.   

Products To Get The Look: