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As a woman, daughter, sister, wife and hopefully someday mother, there are certain things you always want to be aware of. Whether reminders are for yourself or teaching others, fundamental habits like looking both ways before crossing the street are essential for everyday life. As we grow older there are new habits that need to form, whether for yourself or someone you love. Each October as we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it gives us a friendly reminder to kick-start a beneficial health habit for ourselves or with someone we love.

According to the CDC, other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women today. They recommend talking to your doctor about when to start getting regular mammograms – which should greatly improve your chance of early detection. Early detection is key, each and every day you can take your health into your own hands by performing regular breast exams and being aware of your body – knowing what lumps and bumps are normal and which are not. If you have not already spoken to your doctor about this, at your next appointment you can ask them for tips on how to self-check, how often and when you should start receiving mammograms.

Another great way to honor women this month (and every month) is to be supportive of one another. Don’t just buy products with a pink label and call it a day, go see your friend who may be struggling or donate your time to a worthy cause, be proactive about your support of others.

As stylists, there is another way we can help. Many of your clients may visit you before, during and after treatment; they (or someone they love) may need help to cope with things such as hair loss or changes in texture, or maybe even just to talk. Gift them your ever-loving care and be sure to help them through every step of the way.