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The latest makeup trend to go viral on TikTok involves a quick and simple tip that uses concealer or nude eyeliner to create a negative-space look. Curious if this trend is for you? Keep reading to see how to get the look. 

The Transparent Eyeliner Trend

If you’re a fan of minimalist makeup or the no makeup makeup trends — this look is a must-try. The transparent eyeliner trend uses a nude-colored concealer or liner to create a winged look. Instead of drawing a wing, concealer is used to outline the area creating a negative-space design that uses your natural skin tone as the liner. 

The original tutorial is demonstrated here by creator May Akhtar @maytahmi.

@maytahmi When ur darker eyelids become useful x #editorialmakeup #linertutorial #eyeliner #makeuphacks ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant - Harry Styles


She uses an angled brush and concealer to highlight the area and create the perfect invisible wing trend. The result is a supremely glowy finish that truly accentuates her eyes and skin tone. With this TikTok trend, you can easily use this technique to create any size and width wing to create a look that is all your own. In addition to being low-key, when finished with a dusting of setting powder — see our favorite one here — this look lasts all day without the risk of smudging.