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A common theme gaining popularity is buying less and investing in better things instead. When it comes to shears, spending a little more to get a higher-quality pair that stays sharper longer and eliminates muscle fatigue is a no-brainer.  And, because it’s a significant purchase, it should come with as much support as possible. 

Look for companies that offer guidance on use, clear warranty information, and maintenance options.  The Sam Villa Company offers a comprehensive guide with each shear purchase that includes everything needed to make them last as long as possible.  Highlights include adjusting tension and cleaning, how to hold shears to eliminate hand, wrist, and shoulder pain, an option to register shears, warranty details, and even tutorials.

4 Tips to Consider When Purchasing Shears

  • Make sure they are the correct size.  Measure the length of the blade against middle finger, and the overall length of the shear against the extended palm of the hand.  If it’s too small or large, it will feel awkward. The most critical element is the handle. It MUST feel comfortable.
  • Check out the warranty info to see what kind of security it provides.  Look for a lifetime warranty covering material and workmanship defects, plus replacement parts.
  • After purchase, register shears to expedite warranty services and safeguard the investment.
  • Find out how to sharpen shears – many companies will only honor a warranty program if shears have been serviced by them or a designated servicing partner.

Tips for Cleaning and Oiling Shears

  • Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove product and residue – minding the blade's edges to avoid injury.
  • Hold shears with tips pointing down with the blades open at a 45º angle, put a couple of drops of shear or clipper oil at the pivot point, open and close shears, and let sit overnight.
  • In the morning, hold the shears in a downward position and open and close them multiple times while the oil flushes out the hair built up in the pivot point. Wipe clean.

shear guide

Adjusting Tension

Hold shears vertically with the tips pointing up, then lift the thumb handle while holding the finger side with the other hand and let go of the thumb.  The blade should stay open at a 45° angle.  If it starts to close, turn tension screw/knob to the right 1 or 2 clicks to tighten.  Continue doing until the blades stay open at a 45° angle.

Learn more shear techniques from the Sam Villa Team weekly on Facebook and YouTube.  The complete catalogue of customizable education for salons, shows and events, including Thrive On, is available here