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Communication between two people is fundamentally one of the most important aspects of any relationship – be it stylist-to-stylist, client-to-stylist, partner-to-partner, or friend-to-friend. Due to this fact, the first lesson most stylists learn in school is the art of the client consultation. It is the first step when meeting new clients and should be the cornerstone at the beginning of any appointment. While time can often be rushed behind the chair, there are a few key steps that should never be overlooked. Keep reading for a few of our favorite tips and tricks to complete a successful client consultation every time.

Ask Questions

The best thing you can do with your client is to be patient with them and allow them to speak. Ask them open-ended questions and don’t rush them. You’ll want them to feel comfortable in your chair so that you can create an honest and open dialogue with them from the start. The closer you two feel, the more likely they are to express themselves to you, leading to a long-lasting relationship.

Discuss Over Photos

While it's always nice when a client brings in the ideal image of what they want, sometimes it might be beneficial for you to pull up an image. Do a quick search on your phone or iPad to ensure you and your guest are on the same page before beginning. For example: blonde highlights to a stylist might mean bronde balayage to your client and it is important to get the tone, placement and level right before starting to avoid wasted time or unhappy endings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Control

The consumer is now more informed than ever, which is why it is important to sometimes assert your position. Don’t forget, you are the professional who has gone to school and spent hours upon hours working towards mastering this job – you are still the expert. If a client demands a haircut that they aren’t ready to take care of, or want a hair color in one sitting and you know this is impossible, don’t be afraid to take control and tell them the truth.

Educate Them

From the type styling tips for their new haircut to the best product picks for their new shade, the perfect time to educate them is while they are in your chair. Instead of leaving them alone while they are processing, spend that time teaching them a new braid or bobby pin trick. One of our favorites from Sam Villa is sprinkling Redken Powder Grip 03 on bobby pins to keep them in place. By giving them these types of tips, they will see your added value as a resource and keep coming back for more.

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