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Fine hair is defined by the diameter of a strand of hair, not the density – a very common misconception. Therefore it is possible to hair fine hair that is thick, thin or dense. Understanding this is the first step to getting more oomph out of your style! Keep reading to see some of our favorite tips to amp up your hairstyle and achieve more volume.


Pay attention to what shampoo you’re using and where you place it

First thing’s first; pick up a shampoo that is meant to add volume. If you have curly-fine hair you probably use something to help keep your frizz at bay, but this is also taking away all of your volume. Instead be sure to concentrate a volumising shampoo, like privé Amp Up Shampoo at your roots.

Dry shampoo, dry shampoo, dry shampoo!

For those of you with fine hair, you don’t need to wait until day two to bust out the dry shampoo. Adding dry shampoo to your style after you style it can add a great deal of hold and volume where you need it most. Our Pick: label.m Dry Shampoo


Ask for a dry cut.

Asking your stylist to cut your hair dry, instead of wet will give them more insight into how your hair lays naturally. Natural texture, length and layers can make all the difference for those of you with fine hair, so be sure to have a lengthy consultation with your stylist to get it right! Pro tip: Stylists – get a pair of shears specifically made to cut hair dry, it will make all the difference with the control you are able to achieve.

Avoid excess oil

Second-day hair isn’t the only place excess oil is hiding. Many of your tried and trusted hair product also contain oils to help nourish your hair and scalp. While these are ok to incorporate for extra moisture and hydration, when you want volume try skipping these types of stylers. Opt for products that add grit and hold like Sea Salt Spray or Texturising Volume Spray.


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