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Summer is a great time to opt for a smoothing treatment. With smoldering days and warm nights, it cuts down on styling time and leaves hair silky smooth no matter the humidity factor. Although you hair is usually just wash-and-wear once you get a treatment, there are a few best practices for taking care of your smoothing treatment that can extend its effectiveness and prolong your style! Read on to see our top tips for taking care of your Cezanne Smoothing Treatment.

Start with the proper products.

Using Cezanne home care products will protect the life of your Cezanne treatment. Free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, they are optimal to use with (or even without) your smoothing treatment.They also use similar ingredients contained in our smoothing treatments, like sericin, keratin, and quinoa, to replenish and extend your shiny hair.

Start at the roots.

The start of any style begins at the base and using Cezanne Root Blast is a great way to spruce up any style whether used on wet or dry hair!

On wet hair, Cezanne Root Blast can be applied at the roots to mid-lengths to create body and flow prior to air- or blow-drying. If you’re looking to restyle or add texture to dry hair, Cezanne Root Blast can be applied. Lightly spray Root Blast 8 to 10 inches from hair and manipulate the hair to create added waves and texture. To finish, layer with Cezanne Working Hairspray.  

Protect your strands.

The weather, the sun, and heat damage are the main factors that can break down your hair and your treatment. Using Leave-In Perfector Spray either on wet or dry hair provides UV protection, aids in moisture shine and smoothness as it repairs and improves manageability. Simply apply to freshly shampooed and conditioned, towel-dried hair and go! To achieve soft root lift: spray Cezanne Root Blast 6 to 8 inches from root area and blow-dry.  For touchable body and texture: mist Cezanne Root Blast throughout the hair and comb through and then blow-dry.

On dry hair, Leave-In Perfector can actually be used to protect against heat damage from hot tools. Simply spritz on hair after blow-drying and prior to iron work. It can also be used daily to refresh style and protect from environmental harm.

Don’t forget to finish.

Make sure to seal in your style with Working Hairspray. After styling simply spray 10 to 12 inches distance from dry hair. Whether you want to add texture, layer to create a stronger hold or throughout the day to refresh your style, this is the perfect finish for your treatment.

If you’re thinking about getting a treatment or simply want to pick up a few key products from Cezanne, follow us on Instagram @Cezanne_Hair and visit for even more helpful tips and tricks!

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Cezanne Root Blast

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Cezanne Working Hairspray

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Cezanne Leave-In Perfector Spray