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A lot of changes happen to your body when pregnant. Through each trimester as your belly grows you might experience aches and pains in new places that can make it hard to function in daily life. Karla Valenzuela, Sam Villa Ambassador and Redken Artist @kolor.me. karlaa, is pregnant for the first time (due in July!) and she opened her own suite recently, so she’s learned a lot about how to be on her feet all day while growing a human and a business, not to mention making her guests look and feel beautiful. Giving some expert advice she opened up about her top tips when working behind the chair while pregnant.

5 Tips for Working Behind the Chair While Pregnant

  1. Use tools that will make your life easier. Tendonitis is a symptom some women develop during pregnancy which can be very painful. Using a swivel shear will alleviate the tension on your hands as the shears allow for more free movement.
  2. A light-weight blow dryer is also key. My favorite one is the Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer, it weighs less than one pound!
  3. As your baby gets bigger you might feel back pain from standing long hours with the extra weight.  Using a Sam Villa Cutting Stool helps because it’s different from hair cutting saddles because it has a supportive backrest and adjustable footrest.
  4. Have snacks handy and drink lots of water!
  5. Look for a prenatal chiropractor to help you get through the pregnancy and make your body feel as comfortable as possible while working.

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“I’m taking some time off and planning to go back to work, possibly with shorter hours so I can spend more time with my baby. I opened my own suite 5 weeks before I knew I was pregnant, so that’s holding me accountable and gives me something to look forward to when I’m back from maternity leave,” says Valenzuela, who also plans to create social content while at home to keep her guests/followers engaged.


Credits: Amanda Acapello/Acapello Photography; Hair and Model/Karla Valenzuela


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