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You guys sure say “…talk to your stylist” a lot. Of course we do! Stylists are amazing (yours included) and if you want to leave the salon feeling like royalty (and you should!) it has to be a 2-way street.

“Not so fast, internet hair ninja person. I don’t know HOW to talk to mine.”

No one expects you to be an encyclopedia of hair terms, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the hair of your dreams. Like ANY relationship on earth, communication is key. As great as your stylist is, their skills will only take them so far in regards to YOUR hair. While they can quickly determine which basic styles would suit you based on face shape and hair texture, they need your input beyond that. They need to know the good stuff like a new job interview, a hot date, bored or coveting the new cut and color the new neighbor is sporting.

Hair by Patrick Ina

At the end of the day, their ultimate goal is for you to leave the salon loving your hair. It’s what drives them to do their job… the great selfie you upload to IG that you took in the car after your appointment. Your happiness is your stylist’s primary concern, trust us. However, please trust us when we say that this means part of the responsibility lies with you. If you’re unhappy, say something. If you want something specific, say something. You and your stylist probably have completely different definitions of “a little”, so get on the same page from the start. Then you can both go home happy.

How do you do this? Use visuals aids! Bring photos of the hair you like to show your stylist. This makes stylists’ jobs much easier because it gives them a really clear picture (no pun intended) of what you like, then you two can talk about the best way to make it work for you. When you’re collecting photos, be sure to pull multiple photos of the same look. Not every style looks the same on each hair texture, so by having the same style on a few different models you’re more likely to have an option that’s closer to your actual hair type. If you’re not sure what you want, that’s ok too. Start with the styles you don’t want or like and work backwards with your stylist until you land on something that appeals to you.

Hair by Leslie Henshaw

Let’s talk celebrities for a minute too. When using celebs as an example…please be sure you love the hair in the pic, not just how they look overall. Don’t forget they have a team dedicated to making those celebs look impossibly beautiful. We want you to look and FEEL beautiful when leaving the salon, not disappointed our stylists can’t morph you into our favorite movie star. We know, we wish they could do that too.

You should never be scared to talk to your stylist or voice your opinion. We are all on the same team, wanting you to feel beautiful and confident and every bit as fantastic as you are.