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Clients are starting to feel the heat all across the country and while they start to look for staycation spots to cool off or for the perfect summer wardrobe staples, they’ll also be on the hunt for products that will take care of their color, combat frizz, and create effortless styles. Read on to hear some of our favorite summer hair tips and product staples. 

Swap Your Shampoo

While SPF can help, the sun can take quite a toll on hair and skin, especially if you have color-treated hair. Due to color fade from the sun, chlorine, or saltwater, you’ll need to take extra care when it comes to cleansing and conditioning. One of the best ways to cut down on color fade is to use a color treatment shampoo and conditioner. 

We love:

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner for Brunettes




Deep Condition More Often

Due to the heat, sun, and exposure, the summer can wreak more havoc than just fading your color. It can cause damage, frizz and loss of moisture. While you probably have a half empty tub of deep conditioner somewhere in your cabinet, chances are you probably don’t use it as often as you should. Deep Conditioning hair at least once a week during the summer months can help cut down on moisture loss, help improve manageability and definition of curl patterns.

We love: 

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask

Redken Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave In Conditioner for Damaged Hair 

Air-Dry All The Time

The sleek blowout can wait, undone waves and flawless curls and coils will be the style of the season and there’s no better way to get the look than by starting off with an air-dry. By cutting down on the heat damage caused by regular blowouts, you’re able to give your hair a much-needed break that can help restore the condition of your hair. To help with the air-dry process utilize hair products that are tailored to your individual texture and will create the finish you’re looking for.

We love:

Wella Professionals Nutricurls Milky Waves Nourishing Spray for Waves 

Keune Style Curl Cream N° 25 for Curls



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