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Top 10 Blow Dry Techniques, you can’t live without!
You might think you know, but you have no idea… 


1. Use your Attachments!!  The nozzle is one of the most underrated attachments, and ironically is the most useful! 

Using the nozzle allows you to direct air in a more concentrated area which will ultimately give you more volume where you want it, styling enhancement whether curly or straight, and a smoother finish. 


2. Use the Cool Shot! Ever wondered why your hair falls limp 30 minutes after your blowout? Using a cool shot will ensure your style stays put. This can be especially helpful when adding curl or volume. After desired section is fully dry, use a cool shot as your last pass over said section to allow the desired style to cool the way you really want it to. 


3. Know when to use your ions - Ion’s… what are those? Many of us buy a blowdryer and never know all the functions and when to use them. Lucky for you, here's a little cheat sheet :)


 + Ions: Will open the cuticle, great for adding volume or before conditioning treatments to ensure maximum penetration of product. 


 - Ions: Are used for faster, smoother styles. They break down water content so your strands dry faster, seal the cuticle for shine,eliminate frizz, and are perfect for finishing. 


4. Go for a professional blow dryer - just because you’re not a professional stylist doesn't mean should shy away from a professional blow dryer. They are lighter, save energy, and give you faster more polished results. 


5. Clean the filter! Even though our dryer may look pristine from the outside, you often forget that you need to take care of the insides as well. For better performance and ensuring your tool lasts its full lifetime, don't forget to clean the filter, making sure it is free of dust, debris, and rogue hairs. 


6. Care for your cord! Never tightly wind your cord around your tools. You’ll notice when you first get your dryer that the cord is packed in a loose loop, you should always keep the cord in this condition to extend the life of your dryer and prevent electrical shorts. 


7. Make clean sections - Hair drying fiascos can be eliminated by being organized during your session. Cleanly section out your hair for drying, making sure to also secure the rest of your hair separately so that it does not interfere with the section you are working on. 


8. Finish each section before moving on to the next - You will get much better results if you completely dry each section before moving on to other areas of your head. If sections are not completely dry, they will tend to frizz or fall flat. 


9. Avoid contact with wet hair once it is dry! Another way to avoid frizz and limp hair is to make sure once a section is dry that it does not come in contact with wet hair - whether it is placing wet hair on top of dry hair or vice versa. To avoid this start at the bottom sections and work your way up. 


10. Make sure your hair is actually dry! Many times you finish a blowout and feel accomplished, until a few moments later your blowout begins to fade - this is usually because your hair is not completely dry. If your hair feels “cool” after finishing this is often an indicator that it is in fact, not dry. 



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