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Fall always feels like new beginnings as the crisp, cool air and change in wardrobe have us excited to get up in the mornings. Alongside our outfits, we can’t wait to add a new hairstyle to our total look. Below we’re detailing three easy hairstyles to work into your routine no matter how much time or effort you want to put into your look in the morning.

The Top 3 Hairstyles for Fall

Braid-Made Waves

Renaissance-inspired and salty waves have been a big hit this season. Instead of spending hours using hot tools to get the look, consider a low-key option: braid-made waves. To get this look, spray a leave-in conditioner like Care Keratin 2-Phase Spray on damp hair and then braid into 2 or 3 French or Dutch braids. Allow hair to dry, undo, and lightly brush out to create the fluffy finish everyone is after.

The Snatched Bun

This 90s trend is making the rounds again as contoured styles take shape. An early adapter of this look, Bella Hadid brought this look into the limelight in 2019. It’s currently making the rounds, again, thanks to the latest style tutorials on TikTok. The look is essentially a well-placed bun, slicked back for a sleek, shiny finish. For best results, create a middle part and slick back most of your hair with Style Ultra Gel. The front and top sections can be left out and combed into the look with additional Style Ultra Gel to ensure the exact placement and slick look you’re after.

Supermodel Blowouts

Another 90s trend that isn’t going anywhere this fall is the supermodel blowout. This look is famed for its ability to frame the face and create a big, bouncy finish. For best results, your stylist can cut a few 90s layers into the hair to frame the face and help add to the overall height of your style. The addition of layers adds movement within the hair creating a more voluminous finished result. Add Style Strong Mousse to your roots and blow dry with a round brush to make a statement. The mousse will add fullness and hold, but for a bit of curl, consider adding a few pin curls and allowing the hair to cool for a 90s finish.