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The New Year brings an entire season of change. You may be running into old flames or hanging out with new friends so looking your best at all times is key!  As routines begin to alter and outfits drastically transform, beauty routines will become paramount. While most stress over the beginning of the year and their new beginnings, why not make it easier on yourself to transform this season. Whether you have new years plans to stay in, go out, or simply to conquer all your resolutions keep reading to see the best ways to brighten your NYE look this year, just in time for the ball drop!

Don’t Stress

We've all been there and we know this sounds a lot easier than it is, but added stress around this time of year can cause breakouts and bad hair days! From wrapping presents to holiday parties and family you haven't seen in forever, you've got a lot on your plate! Don't fall victim to the chaos of the holidays! Be sure to make time for yourself and treat yourself to a little #selfcare!

Our favorite way to de-stress? Draw a long bath, make yourself a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine if you prefer), wrap your hair up in a nourishing hair mask and let your worries (and dry hair) melt away!

Our pick: Satin Oil Mask

This mask is one of our favorite choices because of its ability to treat and moisturize the hair from the inside out without adding weight. This means that you can pamper yourself before a big night out without worrying that it will affect your style! 

Care For Your Color

Water, products and general environmental stressors can cause buildup on your strands. Cleanse them with a violet shampoo and conditioner. It will fight dullness and help bring out your hair color, which is your best bet to a brilliant new year.

Our Picks: Silver Savior Shampoo & Conditioner

If you have colored, highlighted or naturally gray hair, adding lavender hued products to your routine is a must! Their ability to remove brassy-orange tones means your blowout will look refreshed on top of being bright! The best part about this duo is the lavender-hued conditioner, adding a punch of moisture in a system made to work together to perfect your hair color!


Protect Yourself

You wouldn’t go out around this time of year without a heavy jacket, would you? And you wouldn't dare leave the house without sunscreen right? Protecting yourself against the elements is all the rage right now. The same should apply for your hair. Don’t let your hair fight against the elements without a little help from products tailored specifically to your concerns. 

Absolute Volume Thermal Protector will help guard your hair against heat damage while creating heaps of volume and a silky finish.


BLEND Fixing Spray With the rain, snow and sleet, you'll want a hairspray that will stand up to the moisture! BLEND Fixing Spray will ensure your style stays put, minus the frizz, as you dance the night away!

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