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Balayage isn’t just for blondes! As clients begin to head back to the salon, we’ll start to see new brunette hair color trends emerging. From twighlighting to sun-kissed face frames and peek-a-boo highlights, rich, warm, chocolately brunettes are going to be popping up everywhere this season. As low-maintenance hair color gains popularity, trends will veer toward enhancing natural shades rather than completely altering your client’s look. Keep reading to see some of our top brunette hair color trends you’re about to see everywhere! 

Muted Tones 

Think of it as the answer to balayage everything—muted tones and strong, solid hues are gaining in popularity. Sans highlights, single-shade brunettes, from dark chocolate to onyx, make a bold statement. The key to making this look work is making sure the hair is ultra-healthy. To keep strands gorgeously shiny instead of flat and dull, care for your color at home with Keune Care Color Brillianz Shampoo and Conditioner, which are specially formulated to protect color-treated hair and create a protective barrier to prevent future fading and damage. 



Cool tones are having a moment, and it doesn’t just apply to blondes. Cool, earthy mushroom browns are popping up everywhere—and the look is gorgeous. Slightly ashy with whisper-thin babylights, the look is soft, subtle, and natural. Shades of gray and blue come together for a sophisticated, elevated finish. To help protect those silvery tones and eliminate any unwanted warmth, care for your color at home with products specifically designed to nix red and gold hues. 

Cold Brew

A combination of warm and cool brunette tones blended seamlessly together creates this stunning, rich hue. Warm, brown pieces through the mids and ends, as well as around the face, offset a cool, deep-toned base. It’s a luxurious but low-maintenance look that offers subtle dimension without being too extreme. 

To extend the life of your cold brew hair color at home, protect it with Keune Care Tinta Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Based on silk proteins, the rich formula offers UV protection to prevent hair color from fading. It’s also formulated with LP300 Color Stabilizer for triple color protection, keeping your strands shiny, nourished, and lustrous, rather than faded, flat, or dull. 



Return to your roots—literally—with a charcoal shade that hovers just above jet black. The trend is taking off as clients begin embracing their natural colors and textures, and the effect is gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to go even deeper and more vibrant with your color. A gloss treatment can add major shine and subtly tone darker looks for a cool or warm finish. 

Red Velvet 

A moodier take on strawberry, red velvet hair color blends rich, red hues with a dark, chocolately base. The overall effect is slightly daring, highly luxurious, and supremely gorgeous. Red hues are quick to wash out, however, so it’s important to protect your color at home with the right products. Look for shampoo and conditioner duos that are formulated to preserve salon color and protect against future fading. For extra pampering, use Keune Color Brillianz Mask to hydrate, protect, and restore your strands. Bonus: it helps your color last longer and keeps it vibrant by creating a protective barrier around each individual strand.