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Who’s part of the curly crew?! If you’re a curly-haired maven, chances are “perfect hair days” are few and far in between. While we would all love to just “wake up like this” and go, most times our curl patterns need a little extra care. There are certain unsaid “rules” we should abide by to take the guesswork out of our style. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite tried and tested tips for getting the perfect finished style. Have a few tips of your own? Please leave your favorite techniques in the comments below!

Forgo Any Type Of Terry Cloth

While our skin may love the way a soft terry cloth towel feels, our hair… not so much. Taking a terry cloth towel to curls creates excess frizz from the friction. Instead, to remove moisture, use a non-looped towel, cotton shirt or paper towel to keep curls perfectly intact. Regardless of the towel, aim to rub less while removing moisture to cut down on frizz.

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Product Makes Perfect

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever gotten is to apply the product to wet hair. This is why it is so important to apply products as soon as you get out of the shower. Be sure to apply evenly throughout strands by taking it section by section. Work in horizontal sections from your nape to the face-frame to moisturize curls, define, and add shine.

No Tocar – aka Don’t Touch!

There is one rule that rules them all, and that is to not touch curls as they dry. You’ve probably experienced the same shudder as I do when people try to touch your curls, and the same goes for them as they dry. After the product has been applied, don’t run fingers through it. This will take away from defining your curl pattern and lead to frizz. Only, and let us repeat, ONLY when hair is COMPLETELY dry can touch your hair. To get volume or a tousled look, utilize a texturizing spray to create a soft ethereal look.

Touch Up

While you don’t want to touch hair while it is drying, it is totally acceptable to touch it up once it has dried! Whether from sleeping, or simply drying imperfectly, you’ll want to touch up with a curling wand. You don’t need to retouch every curl, just a few around the front and at the ends to create a finished, yet undone feel.

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