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Darker for winter, lighter for summer is a common hair pattern many women follow. And while summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new shade, you don’t have to limit yourself to lighter hues! Read on to find out the top three shades trending at the moment, along with the number one treatment you should opt for no matter what color you choose.

Millennial Pink

Meet the latest shade taking over your Instagram feed. Equal parts blush and mauve with neutral undertones – this intoxicating hue is perfect for those seeking a bit of color without going overboard. For a subtle change (and less commitment), opt for barely-there highlights, or, for something more extreme, try sporting all-over color.

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If you’re looking to go lighter but are craving something more than balayage, try a warm bronde hue. Much like the name sounds, the summer-ready shade walks the line between brown and blonde, but looks more natural than classic highlights. To prevent the shade from turning brassy, use a toning shampoo at least once a week.

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Temperatures may be on the rise, but the icy blonde hue has officially made its comeback. Of course, it’s not recommended to go from super dark brown to the nearly-white shade, which will wreak havoc on your strands. If you’re craving platinum this summer, lighten up your color in stages, and make sure to get a conditioning or revitalizing service before coloring to prevent breakage.

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No matter what shade you decide to go with this season, make sure to invest in a quality reconstructive treatment before you color in order to protect your stands. Continuum by DS Laboratories is a revolutionary bond-building service designed to restore the integrity of your hair. Because your strands experience constant damage, whether it be from heat styling, environmental conditions or hair color, the bonds in your hair become brittle, resulting in breakage, dullness and faded color. Continuum repairs those broken bonds and helps build new ones to restore your tresses to a healthy and strong state. Whether you color regularly or are just looking to temporarily experiment with a new shade, make sure to add on this service to keep strands looking good all summer long.

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