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2022 has brought with it a whole new set of trends inspiring both stylists and clients alike. Getting ready for a fresh start this year, HOB Academy Head of Education Jake Unger is predicting some of the top looks we’ll see this season. He agrees that trends never actually go out of style but rather are modernized in new ways, “The bob, waves, a fringe are all classic styles, the only difference from year to year is the way it is cut and styled. From blunt to frayed, worn straight or wavy, it’s the small details that make it look modern and on-trend,” he adds. 

5 New Hair Trends for 2022



The bob is back! This year is all about reinvention and rebirth. Transform your locks and take the plunge with this season’s statement cut. With people keen to revamp, adding new dimensions to their post-lockdown hair, the bob is the perfect cut for healthy looking hair. From the popular ‘90s one-length micro bob, to textured bedhead, the choice is yours, just bob it.


Modern Mullet

The mullet resurfaces every 10-15 years but never catches on, this season is different! With pandemic doom and gloom, the modern mullet is the perfect trend to dust off the cobwebs and go for something edgy and different. This modern take on the mullet is a hybrid of a mullet and shag haircut. Less aggressive and more lived-in, sexy and textured, it requires less styling - perfect for those seeking the new bedhead look. This cut can be bespoke for any face shape and texture but works best with a natural wave. 


Short & Sweet

Want a dramatic change? There are very few haircuts as timeless as the pixie. Surprisingly versatile, working with different hair textures, this year the iconic pixie has been given a new lease of life and it’s time to shine once more. Evenly textured all over or with a little length on top, the pixie cut is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing. 


In With a Bang

Bangs, fringes, whatever you want to call them, are here to spice up your style. This year’s trends are about lived in and undone textures and fringes are no different. The classic way to change the shape of any haircut regardless of length is to add a fringe – perfect for face-framing and adding a focal point. Remember keeping the fringe longer will create the ultimate sexy Kate Moss-esque look. Fringes of all shapes and lengths are up for discussion depending on suitability, whether it’s brow skimming or brow hiding, 2022 is the year to go for it. 


Just a Little Bit

With boho/festival hair and 70’s hair becoming a modern-day classic, the Rachel is now slightly longer, a bit softer, less heavy and polished. Take inspiration from the iconic Bridgette Bardot who perfectly illustrate this undone ‘just a little bit’ layered through the front.