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No longer reserved just for washing your face, the top knot (much like the scrunchie) has easily transformed from a nighttime beauty routine to a daytime fan-favourite. With elegant styles gracing the feed, giving us fresh inspiration daily, you may wonder how to transform your top knot into an Instagram-worthy style. Sharing a few secrets, read on for easy ways to upgrade your top knot. 

Add Accessories

From barrettes to scarfs, hair accessories have taken the world by storm and are a quick and easy way to add flare to your top knot. If you consistently deal with flyaways or tendrils falling at the nape, utilise a barrette or coloured bobby pins to keep the hair in place while adding instant effect. Or, if you want to conceal elastics or add a matching element for your outfit, adding a scarf tied like a headband or around the base of the top knot can instantly upgrade your style. 

Baby Braids

Revisiting our '00 styles, baby braids have continued to gain popularity to add elements of interest to any style. Weave them your hair before pulling them back into a top knot or into the length of your pony to add a subtle touch to the knot. Vary sizes or pull braids apart to create a more bohemian finish. 

Don’t Tease!

Commonly reserved for wedding styles, teasing is a surefire way to create a polished top knot for any occasion. If you’re new to this technique, you can use a comb, a brush, or your fingers to create the effect. Alternatively, add a texturising product like BEDROOM.HAIR or FRESH.HAIR to the base of your look, pull back into a top knot and then carefully pull hair from the crown and front hairline forward to mimic the effects of traditional teasing. 


Hide Any Elastics

A quick and easy pro move that instantly enhances any up style is to hide elastics with a tendril of hair. You can accomplish this in a few different ways. First, pull your hair up into a ponytail and then use the length of your pony to create the top knot and secure it with bobby pins to hide the elastic. Or, if your hair is too heavy for this option, when pulling hair into a top knot, leave out a single tendril of hair and once the hair is secure, wrap the last tendril around the elastic and secure this small section with a bobby pin inserted into the base of the knot to hide these elements.