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Looking forward to those backyard BBQs and beach volleyball? We’re not sure what we love more about summer, the activities or the style. As lovers of the outdoors, we’re naturally inclined to spend more time outside when the weather is on our side, but also want to ensure we look good while we’re doing it. As the temperatures begin to heat up, make sure you have the tools and techniques to keep your hair right where you want it.

For starters, begin to evaluate how often, and with what, you’re shampooing your hair. During the summer months it is extremely important to make sure your hair has ample moisture. Using a product like MAN MADE WASH effectively hydrates your hair and since it is an All-In-One, shampoo, conditioner and body wash, it helps hydrate you from head to toe.

When it doubt, try out a cocktail. When you’re dealing with different factors, (sun, wind, or salt water) it can help to create a blend of products to combat the elements. Combining PASTE and CLAY is often the perfect cocktail to keep your hair looking shiny with a healthy amount of hold. Simply mix the two in the palm of your hand prior to application to make the perfect summer cocktail!

Learning how to layer is another great way to summer-proof your style. Sometimes, depending on hair type, one product might not be enough to stand up to the weather; adding a layer of PREMIUM HAIR SPRAY over just about any product, PASTE, CLAY or POMADE, will add an extra punch of protection to your look. You might want to layer PREMIUM HAIR SPRAY over itself at different points of your styling process as well to create the perfect appearance.

When it’s balmy out, it is especially important to put some effort into your aroma. By making sure your scent matches your style, you can feel more carefree in any activity. Prepping your body with MAN MADE WASH will not only moisturize your hair, it will hydrate skin and leave behind the most delicate aroma of sweet tobacco. If you want a little extra oomph, be sure to layer SWEET TOBACCO SPIRITS on après shower, just don’t be surprised if you meet more ladies than usual.   


Be sure to have plenty of your favorite 18.21 Man Made stylers on hand for a seamless style all summer long! Check out our product picks below and be sure to pick up 18.21 Man Made goodies in the Bangtyle Store!

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18.21 Man Made Wash

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18.21 Man Made CLAY

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18.21 Man Made PASTE

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18.21 Man Made POMADE

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18.21 Man Made SPIRITS

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