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Whether you’re growing out a haircut or simply looking to add a little extra length to your go-to style, at one time or another we’ve all searched for ways to add more length to our locks. If you’re at a loss for where to start, try updating your routine alongside your choice in products — or read on for a few of our top tips for longer locks.

Get A Haircut

Sure, this sounds counterintuitive, however, getting regular cuts or trims actually helps your hair grow. It helps achieve longer locks by keeping the ends of the hair healthy, cutting down on split ends, and protecting against breakage to ensure the hair grows longer and stronger. On top of this, it will help keep color looking its best and ensure when you do style it, that it can be done with greater ease. 

Condition, Condition, Condition

From in-salon to at-home treatments, deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners are your friends! It doesn’t take a great deal of time to perform a treatment either. As long as you make it a point to apply as an extra treat in the shower once or week or utilize a leave-in spray every time you shower, you’ll find over time your hair is instantly improved. Leading to more time between cuts and fewer inches that need to be taken off! Ideal for all hair types, conditioning treatments are also necessary for color-treated hair or those who heat style their hair often to cut back the impact of damage. 

Don’t Style While Wet

Each and every day we’re put into situations that require us to deal with the issue of wet hair. From the gym to sleeping before the hair is completely dry. What we should all be aware of is that pulling hair back into a set position when wet can place excess stress on the strands causing excess damage and premature breakage. If you need a go-to style for when your hair is in a most susceptible state, opt for a loose braid. Prior to pulling it back, be sure to prep hair with a leave-in deep conditioner for extra protection that benefits your hair as it dries. 

Increase Essential Vitamins and Minerals 

The nutrients you feed your body are also important for your hair, skin, and nails. Increasing your intake of healthy fruits, and vegetables, ensures you’re getting the benefits of all the vitamins and minerals they contain. Add a handful of spinach to your go-to smoothy and you’ll notice how quickly your nails start growing — the same is happening for your hair even if you don’t notice the growth as easily. Eating healthy leads to strong, healthy hair with improved shine and condition.