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How will you style your hair this season? Shorter styles on women and longer looks on men are all the rage at the moment, and as these breakout trends inspire new shapes they also influence new techniques as well. In the past, men’s grooming meant that clippers were usually involved and you picked a number corresponding to your desired length.  In present day, styles have evolved greatly and are shaped using freehand form and myriads of new tools.

You’ll notice more stylists reaching for scissors when men walk through their doors; opting for scissor over comb for greater control and softer silhouettes. The next big change you’ll notice is the incorporation of Texturizing Shears. This tool, one previously used to remove weight, has become a great addition to alternative methods of texturizing.

"Texturizing scissors are essential to a scissor over comb technique. Not only do they blend and soften up the line, they help maintain the shape so you can style the hair easily." Daniel Roldan

When your client has a great deal of hair, a well-groomed cut can sometimes look like a helmet. And based on hair texture, it can also lack the ability to style correctly. To allow for movement within a haircut and softness throughout the ends, the easiest and quickest way to achieve this is through the use of texturizing shears.

Texturizing shears can be used in a scissor over comb technique, allowing a stylist to soften a shelf or even correct a mistake. When used on hair with length, you can use it to remove weight and to direct hair into a given style. Due to the fact that short hair directs long hair, it is a great tool to use when you want to add volume or direction.

Investing in your tools is key to creating a beautiful cut and style. Quality scissors will not only produce far better results when working, but will make blow-drying faster, results smoother, and cuts cleaner – assuring better styles and happier clients. Take a peek at CUT by Daniel Roldan to see all of his level 3 scissors with convex edges for the ultimate control in CUTting power.

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